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#LearntoBlog Forum: Grand Opening Twitter Party

To kick off the grand opening of the Learn to Blog VIP Forum, we are having a Twitter Party and it is being done in true Crystal and Kelli fashion – with real actionable tasks to give you a jump-start on gaining that blog traffic this Fall!

Is Your Blog Ready for Fall

Join us on Thursday, August 7th at 8 pm Central for a GOOD TIME!

We will be chatting about blogging and giving out some actionable tasks as well as some awesome prizes!

Twitter Party Prizes:

  • 2 – Free VIP Memberships to the Learn to Blog VIP Forum for 3 months!
  • 2 – Free Site Critiques!
  • GRAND PRIZE – One, 30-minute, Private Consult!

Simply Register Below and then Show Up for the Twitter Party!


Get the NOTES:

UPDATE: Did you miss the Twitter Party? No worries! All of the notes, questions, actionable tasks and videos you should watch are over in the forum! If you are a paid member you can get to it under Twitter Party Notes.


Week Three: Build Blog Community Using Facebook

We are working our way through the major social media avenues to help you build blog community via your social media channels.  This week, we are talking Facebook!  With all the changes Facebook has undergone, our readers are simply not seeing our updates anymore.  If the readers can’t see the updates, how are we going to reach them with the next great post we write?  The next UH-MAY-ZING giveaway we have?  The next funny story of our darling kids?

Build Blog Community: #LearntoBlog Facebook

The video below will help you reach out to the ones that are missing out on your updates by following a few key tasks.  We also discuss ways of increasing the number of Facebook fans you have, easily and organically, to help you to build blog community.  Since Crystal and I are more Twitter fiends these days, we reached out to a few experts that have their Facebook Fan Pages going on!

Let’s look at the numbers!

Currently, you have 1000 fans and only 10% are seeing your updates, then only 100 people are being reached.  However, if you can have 10,000 fans then 1,000 will see!  So, while we always say that “numbers don’t matter”, in a sense they do!  The more people in your communities, the more you can reach with your message.

Psst, check our services button for our online blog conference where we go into even more personalized detail to help you grow your facebook community and engagement!  Classes start monthly on a first-come, first-served basis!

Links for More Ways to Build Blog Community:

  • 3 Boys and a Dog – Gives a few more tips and ideas to help you grow your Facebook community involvement.
  • Crystal and Comp – Breaks down each of the Utilizing Facebook tasks we give you in the video into actionable steps with tips and tricks!

We Love to hear from you:

Don’t forget to join us every Tuesday over on Google+ at 10:00 am CST  for our #LearntoBlog series where we help you become a better blogger and answer all of your blogging questions.

Week One: Twitter Tips to Grow Your Blog Traffic

With these twitter tips, you will learn to make your Twitter account work for your blog!  In this one hour video, we tell you how to use your twitter, how to find and use hashtags, and how to make parts of your account automated to save you a bit of time and still keep your account relevant and personalized.  We also talk about finding followers to grow your account!

Twitter Tips to help with traffic growth

Our very first #LearntoBlog hangouts started with the one item that Crystal and I know best.. Twitter!  The video below and the extra links will help you to learn to use your Twitter account to grow your blog community and increase your readership!

While Twitter has the potential for some blog traffic, it will not be one of your top blog traffic referrals.  However, Twitter gets you in the “here & now” of people, brands, and other bloggers so, like the major 4 in social media, this tool needs to be used and used to the best of it’s potential.  If you are using this social media tool correctly, you will be making MANY wonderful connections with many wonderful people.  In turn, your blog traffic will grow!

Links for Extra Twitter Tips:

  • 3 Boys and a Dog – Making Twitter Work For You includes TONS of links that were mentioned in the video plus some bonus ones for extra homework
  • Crystal and Comp – 16 Twitter Tips for Bloggers – this post gives you some of the best Twitter Tips that have worked for Crystal over the years!

We Love to Hear from You:

Don’t forget to join us every Tuesday over on Google+ at 10:00 am CST  for our #LearntoBlog series where we help you become a better blogger and answer all of your blogging questions.

You can also email us with your questions learntobloghangout(at)gmail(dot)com or to request more personalized one on one consulting.