Week Two: Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog Traffic

If you have been blogging for long you know how important it is to utilize social media to grow your blog.

You’ve probably also noticed that Pinterest can be a huge traffic referral for you.  Since Pinterest came onto the scene, it is responsible for as much as 80% of my monthly blogging traffic referrals. Obviously it fluctuates from month to month, but the influence is significant.

Pinterest is changing the way we blog.

Pinterest is changing the way readers read our blogs.

Read those last two sentences again. Pinterest is a game changer- in both positive and negative ways.

If you are a blogger (or even a business), you need to be up to speed on how to use Pinterest and how it directly affects the potential impact you can make with your online presence and brand.


If you are a blogger and you do not have a Pinterest account dedicated to your blog and/or utilizing your blog’s name as the Pinterest account name, stop what you are doing and make that happen now.

Then, I want you to watch this Google+ Hangout video where Kelli Miller and I share with you how to use Pinterest to get traffic to your site. We give you actions to take to grow your exposure on Pinterest which directly will feed traffic to your blog.

Links for Extra Pinterest Tips:

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  1. I have a question concerning having my pictures easily pinterest-able. Some web sites I visit have images which show a P on the left top corner when you pass the mouse on it. As weel it is done automatically on Feedly for example. Do you know what this implies?


    • Kelli Miller says:

      The P on the photo is a wordpress plugin. Go to your “add new plugins” area of your wordpress dashboard and do a search for pinterest.

  2. Thank you for this tutorial! I have been on Pinterest for a while even before I started my little blog. I learned so many tips on how to use it today! I am going right now to follow some folks, organize my boards and check my traffic!

    • Kelli Miller says:

      Awesome! If you check out the “new? start here” tab, you will find several more pinterest videos 🙂

  3. My sister at jamhands.net referred me to your site. I am so thankful to have found it! Love you ladies!!

    I’m curious..I’ve got Pinterest boards I’ve been running just for myself for a few years. Instead of creating an all new profile for my blog, I’m thinking about transforming my existing boards into my blog boards.

    Any input on that approach?

    • Kelli Miller says:

      Personally, I use my pinterest for both – that is the beauty of it! I can make boards for my personal use and my blog use and watch my pinterest grow! 🙂

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