SKYROCKET Your Pageviews!

Looking to take your blog to the next level?  Looking to increase your pageviews, decrease your bounce rate, and SKYROCKET your revenue?  Then, this course is perfect for you!

This ultimate guide contains over 30 bite-sized tasks using the data within your Google Analytics dashboard to grow your blog.

This electronic download shows the exact methods that Kelli & Crystal have used to grow their blogs by millions of pageviews!

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SKYROCKET BLOG PAGEVIEWS USING GOOGLE ANALYTICS contains over 30 challenges that follow Kelli & Crystal's long-proven Actionable Task Teaching Method to help you take your blog to the next level - no matter what that level is!

“I am an experienced blogger - about 10 years in now (02/2016), but this book has really opened my eyes to everything that can be accomplished by harnessing the power of Google Analytics”  
Sadie - Slap Dash Mom

“The value in this book is worth its price many times over.  I loved that it was broken down into doable challenges and that I could see measurable results shortly after i completed them”  
MaryEllen - Bite-Sized Blogging

A Book For All Skill Levels

SKYROCKET BLOG PAGEVIEWS USING GOOGLE ANALYTICS consists of challenges for bloggers of all skill levels; whether you’ve been blogging for years or if you only have a few blog posts written. This book will benefit you and dramatically transform your website into a money making machine... or a MORE money making machine.

A Book Based On Facts

SKYROCKET BLOG PAGEVIEWS USING GOOGLE ANALYTICS was written based on the actual methods and strategies that Kelli & Crystal use on their own personal blogs. These are not opinions or ideas made up on a whim. The information in this book was provided by pro-blogging experts who have studied (and taught) how to use Google Analytics to its full-potential.  This book will not only tell you where (and how) to find information in your GA dashboard, but what to do with that information to grow your blog!

A Word From Kelli & Crystal

“We understand what it's like when you are searching for blogging answers and no one wants to help.  We have worked hard to show our love of transparent sharing with actionable tasks that drive results.  We have a passion for teaching and sharing.  SKYROCKET is our way of taking that love and passion to an entirely new level - allowing us to reach more bloggers at once!”