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Welcome to the free portion of the Learn to Blog Community Forum! This is an extension of the community we have built from our weekly #LearntoBlog hangouts ( and our amazing #LearntoBlog Facebook Community ( that is 2300+ members strong!

This portion of the forum is free. As a free member you will have access to our Learn to Blog calendar, you can promote upcoming blog events, and you can promote your current blog giveaways.

Want more? Want to grow your blog and take it to the next level?

If you are wanting to grow your blog with:

  • hands on help
  • access to Kelli & Crystal
  • blog challenges of ACTIONABLE TASKS
  • access to sponsored post, paid gigs, and product review pitches
  • social sharing
  • blog comment trees
  • and so much more!

Then you should stop what you are doing, hit the little "register" button right beside our logo, verify your email and then subscribe using Paypal!

HOW TO JOIN THE $7.99 per month VIP Membership:
After registering & logging in, you will need to click "profile" and go to "actions".  Once in actions, you can choose "paid subscriptions" and either choose 1 month at a time OR choose to pay for a complete year and save 10%!

Welcome to the LTB community!

What You Are Missing - if you didn't join the paid section, you are missing out on: 
VIPs Start Here!!
This section is ONLY visible to paying members.  If the subscription runs out, you will be bumped back down to a "free" member and will no longer be able to see this area.  Consider this your manual - :-)
How to Navigate! - this is a section that tells you about all of the sections within the VIP area.
Introductions - This section is a place for folks to introduce themselves - for you to introduce yourself. :-)  Plus, it is a place to find out about the other members, welcome new members, etc!
The Water Cooler - This section is a place for folks to chit-chat about random things.
Give us your feedback! - This section is a place for folks to let us know what types of things they wish we had, give us feedback on the FORUM, etc.

Grow Your Blog!
Paying member area ONLY!  Here you will find tons of tips and help for growing your blog into the best blog it can be!  From help on your specific blogging platform to challenges, guest posts, and more!
Bloggy Challenges - In this section, you will find VIP ONLY challenges with actionable tasks that you can implement today!  Over time, this will grow into tons of 1-2 step tasks that you can choose to work on any day!
General Blog Help- Increase your blog comments, basic blogging help, and more!
Guest Posts - offer guest posts or find places to guest post!  Guest posting (if done correctly) can increase your authority, PR, search engine rankings, and readership!
Resources for Round Up- If you are creating a round up, post it here to have others give you some links - you can also check this each day to see if there are places you need to add your links!
Wordpress Help - This section is a place to find specific answers to your wordpress (self-hosted) site!
Blogger/Blogspot Help- This is a section to find specific answers to your blogger/blogspot questions!
Where to learn- While we would love to be, #LearntoBlog isn't the only fish in the sea!  Find places we recommend, other members recommend, etc to increase your learning!  We even have lists of books and conferences!

Social Media Help & Shares!
Paying member area ONLY!  This is one of our favorite spots from daily (or weekly) share topics to follow me/follow you trees.  This is the place to go when one of your social media account needs a boost!  Find the one you want and have fun.  Remember - always give more than you get!  It will come back to you :-)
Facebook - In addition to finding the list of days certain bloggers open their Facebook page wall to advertising, you can also find like me/like you, share threads, and lists of FB pages that our group members own.
Twitter - Get RTs, get help, learn how to use, and more!
G+ - This section is a place devoted to Google+
StumbleUpon- This is dedicated to all things StumbleUpon
Pinterest- From group boards available to join all the way to shares.  This is your home for Pinterest Fun!

Job Board!
Paying member area ONLY!  This is your go-to for all things related to blogging income & expenses!  From paid gigs, to things that may put you right in the face of a brand, to (eventually) networking in a fun environment directly with a brand, to scoring the ultimate product.  We also have a ad networks and affiliates - places for product, and classified ads for blogger looking to hire or be hired!
Brands Seeking Bloggers - This is a section for you to find picthes from companies and to list pitches that you receive and aren't going to use or just want to share.
Spots to Join - Here, we have all those other blog spots listed like Social Spark and more - to get you product and sponsored posts
Ad Networks - Increase your revenue
Affiliates- This is places that have pay affiliates to promote their products
Bloggers Seeking Brands - When you have a holiday gift guide and such, you post it here!
Bloggers for Hire- This is exactly what it sounds like!  Bloggers that do work for pay will list their sales and expertise here including a way to contact them!
Bloggers Hiring- When you are looking for someone to do a special job for you, post it here so the others can contact you

Paying member area ONLY!
ISO Tribemates - Find and communicate with your tribemates here.
ISO Local Bloggers - Find folks in your area so you can get to know each other and have bloggy brainstorm sessions!

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